My Top 3 Tips for Preparing for Your Engagement Session

An engagement session is a great opportunity to not only create memorable professional photos of you and your fiancé/fiancée, but also prepare for how portraits will unfold on your wedding day. It will help you become accustomed to having your own personal paparazzo following you around– me! :)

Beyond that, this is a really good excuse to pamper yourselves and have a fabulous date night when the session is done!

I know you might feel a little bit nervous going into your engagement session. Trust me, it’s normal! I’ve compiled a quick guide to help you prepare for your session and tame those pre-shoot butterflies.

1. Don’t overthink it. Just be in love.

I’ll ask you to get close, hold hands, walk together, kiss, and generally express your love for one another throughout the session. Be willing to get cozy with one another and don’t stress about the little things. It’s my job to ensure all of the little details fall into place.

2. Be yourselves. Hang out and enjoy the moment.

Don’t be afraid to laugh and let your guard down in front of the camera. Allow yourselves to relax and focus on each other rather than “looking picture perfect.” Because, believe me, being authentically you will look picture perfect effortlessly!

3. Be happy and relaxed.

Enjoy a casual lunch together that afternoon. Drink a glass of wine before the session. Do whatever it takes to alleviate stress and butterflies that day and just focus on each other and why you are getting married. Another way to help with stress is to arrive at your session early or on time.

Bonus Things to Consider:

Footwear matters! I’ll take your picture from many angles, so make sure your shoes are clean and not scuffed.

I love animals, so your pets are welcome to join in the fun! It’s helpful if you bring along a friend to wrangle your pet once Fido’s portion is done.  Bring along favorite treats as well.

If you are very sunburned or have very visible tan lines, consider rescheduling your session. Photoshop is great but cannot perform miracles. ;)

Please leave your purse at home or locked away securely in the car. Guys, please remove wallets, cell phones, and sunglasses from your pockets as well. I’m happy to carry keys, cell phones and anything needed for touch ups for you during the session.

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